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15th Anniversary

LCD group 15th anniversary (08/2016)

SID 2016 Award Banquet with Dr. Martin Schadt and Dr. K. Kalantar (05/2016)

16 Dr Kalantar

Dr. K. Kalantar visit LCD group (01/2016)

2016 Prof. Shin Visit

Prof. Sung Tae Shin visit LCD group (01/2016)

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen from Facebook Oculus visited LCD group (10/2015)

2nd FIHF induction ceremony with Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Grubbs and Prof. Nan-Yao Su (10/02/2015)

SID award banquet (06/2015)


Prof. Qionghua Wang visited our group (2/20/2015)


Dr. Martin Schadt visited CREOL and gave a distinguished seminar (11/2014)

Dr. Martin Schadt and his wife Helga Gerster visited LCD group (11/2014)

Dr. B. Kress from Google [X] Lab
visited our group (10/11/2014)

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame (FIHF) induction ceremony (9/10/2014)

UCF president Dr. John Hitt, VP Dr. MJ Soileau and Prof. M. Bass at FIHF induction ceremony (9/10/2014)

Prof. Wu received the medal from USPTO Commissioner Margaret Focarino at FIHF induction ceremony

Prof. Wu inducted to FIHF together with Thomas Edison, John Gorrie, etc.

Prof. Yan-qing Lu visited LCD group (08/2014)

2014 group reunion at SID San Diego (06/2014)


Dr. John Chen and Prof. David Hsieh at SID award banquet (06/2014)

Merck’s R&D manager Dr. M. Wittek visited LCD group (05/30/2014)

LCD Masters Seminar at NCTU (04/14)


Prof. Wu at Fuzhou Univ. (04/2014)


LCD group alumni at 3rd SLCP (04/14)

Prof. Wu, Dr. Schadt & Prof. Lu at Shanghai Tianma (04/2014)

Prof. Wu, Dr. Youmei Dong and Dr. Schadt @ BOE (04/14)

Dr. Schadt, Juan He, Prof. Wu & Prof. Huai Yang at Peking Univ. (04/14)



3rd SLCP at Shanghai Jiao Tung University (04/2014)