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Research Areas:

Liquid Crystal Display

Adaptive Lens

New Photonic Materials

Solid-State Lighting

Spatial Light Modulator


Advanced Liquid Crystal Displays


1.      Quantum-dots enhanced LCDs

2.      Augmented reality and virtual reality

3.      Polymer-stabilized blue-phase LCDs

4.      Tunable plasmonic displays

Recent Publications:

1.    T. Zhan, Y. H. Lee, and S. T. Wu, “High-resolution additive light field near-eye display by switchable Pancharatnam–Berry phase lenses,” Opt. Express 26(4), 4863-4872 (2018).

2.    D. Franklin, R. Frank, S. T. Wu, and D. Chanda, “Dynamically tunable, single pixel full-color plasmonic display,” Nature Commun. 8, xxx (2017).

3.    H. Chen, R. Zhu, J. He, W. Duan, W. Hu, Y.Q. Lu, M. C. Li, S. L. Lee, Y. Dong, and S. T. Wu, “Going beyond the limit of an LCD’s color gamut,” Light: Science and Application (Nature Family) (In press, 2017).

4.    (Invited paper) H. Chen, J. He, and S. T. Wu, “Recent advances in quantum-dot-enhanced liquid crystal displays,” IEEE. J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23(5), 1900611 (2017).

5.    Y. Huang, H. Chen, G. Tan, H. Tobata, S-I Yamamoto, E. Okabe, Y. F. Lan, C. Y. Tsai, and S. T. Wu, "Optimized blue-phase liquid crystal for field-sequential-color displays," Opt. Mater. Express 7, 641-650 (2017).

6.    H. Chen, F. Gou, and S. T. Wu, “A submillisecond-response nematic liquid crystal for augmented reality displays,” Opt. Mater. Express 7(1), 195-201 (2017).

7.    F. Gou, H. Chen, M. C. Li, S. L. Lee, and S. T. Wu, "Submillisecond-response liquid crystal for high-resolution virtual reality displays," Opt. Express 25(7), 7984-7997 (2017).