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Prof. Min Gu visited LCD group (10/2013)

LCD Group 1

Group photo 2013

Poland Prof. Dabrowski

CLC 2013: Prof. Dabrowski and Olga


Poland Prof. Wolinski


Prof. Wolinski; Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Poland (09/2013)

Dr. Kim Family 1

Dr. Hyangyul Kimís family
(Seoul, Korea, 08/2013)

IMID Banquet

Drs. Wei Hu, Hongqing Cui, & Chaoping Chen (IMID 2013, Dageu, Korea)


Dr. Kichul Shin and Dr. Sung Tae Shin

(Samsung Display; 08/2013)

12th Anniversary of LCD group (07/13)

Seminar at AUO (Taiwan, 05/2013)


SID Haseba

Dr. Haseba at SID Vancouver (05/2013)

LCD group reunion dinner at Vancouver, Canada (05/2013)

SID award committee

SID Honors and Awards committee
(Vancouver, Canada, 2013)


2nd Symposium on Liquid Crystal Photonics at Chengdu, China (04/2013)


NJU campus

Dr. Martin Schadt and Prof. Yanqing Lu at Nanjing University, China (04/2013)

NJU Honorary

Dr. Martin Schadt and Prof. Wu received honorary professorships at Nanjing University (04/2013)


Xi'an Biking

Twinbike tour at Xiían City Wall (04/2013)

Reunion at SLCP, Chengdu (04/2013)

SLCP Banquet

SLCP banquet at Chengdu, China (04/2013)

Prof. Wu was inducted to National Academy of Inventors (02/2013)


6 Taiwan professors visited CREOL (2012)

Linghui, Yan, Tracy and Ethan graduated (2012)


1st SLCP at Guilin, China (03/2012)

Group photo 2012

Reunion dinner at SID Boston (05/2012)

LCD alumni at 1st SLCP (03/2012)

CREOL 25th Anniversary (03/2012)

Dr. Martin Schadt won NAE Draper Prize (2012)

SH Lee, SL Lee, & HY Kim (absent) won SID Special Recognition Award (2012)