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Group Photo 2008

Yi-Hsin Lin received Glenn Brown Prize at ILCC (Jeju Island, Korea, 2008)

Zhibing Ge won Otto Lehmann Award (2008)

Celebrating Dr. Martin Schadt’s 70th birthdaty at IDRC, Orlando (11/2008)


Prof. Wu & Prof. Qionghua Wang
visited BOE (03/2008)

Prof. Wu visited Zhejiang University (2007)

Prof. Jiun-Haw Lee visited LCD group (2007)


Group photo 2007

Dr. Kmetz visited LCD group (2007)

Dr. Martin Schadt visited LCD group (11/2007)


Ying Zhou won OSA New Focus/ Bookham Award (2007)


Group photo 2006

LCD group visited Harvard (12/2006)

Reunion dinner at SID’06 SFO

Nobel Laureate Sir Harry Kroto and his wife visited LCD group (02/2006)


LCD group picnic (2005)

Reunion dinner at SID’05 Boston

Prof. Wu & Yi-Hsin Lin visited Prof. Uchida’s group (Tohoku Univ., 2005)


LCD group at OLC 2005

Prof. Wu and Yi-Hsin Lin visited JVC (Yokohama, 2005)

Xinyu Zhu was coaching Vicky Wen
at SID 2005 (Boston)


Group photo 2005

LCD group at SID 2004 (Seattle)

Claire Fan and Yi-Hsin Lin at
SID’04 (Seattle)

Group photo 2004