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Junyu Zou

Photonics and Display Group

Junyu Zou

Ph. D. student  in Optics

Email: zoujunyuwinnie@knights.ucf.edu  

Office: Room 290, CREOL

Phone:  (734) 747-4730

Fax: (407) 823-6880


CREOL, College of Optics and Photonics,

University of Central Florida,

4000 Central Florida Blvd.

Orlando, Florida 32816-2700



Education :


Ph. D. in progress, CREOL, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, U.S.


Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.


Bachelor of Engineering in Optical Information Science & Technology, School of Optoelectronics, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Beijing, China



Honors & Awards:


ORC Doctoral Fellowship, University of Central Florida


Excellent graduate, BIT


Huaruishiji Fellowship, BIT


Leadership & Service:

09/2018-09/2019          Webmaster of Society of Information Display (SID) UCF Student Branch



1.      T. Zhan, J. Xiong, J. Zou, and S. T. Wu, “Multifocal displays: review and prospect,” PhotoniX 1, 10 (2020). 

2.     (Distinguished student paper) J. Zou, T. Zhan, J. Xiong, and S. T. Wu, “Increasing the pixel density for VR displays with a polarization gratingJ. Soc. Inf. Disp. 28, 315-323 (2020).

3.     J. Zou, T. Zhan, J. Xiong, and S. T. Wu, “Broadband wide-view Pancharatnam–Berry phase deflectorOpt. Express 28(4), 4921-4927 (2020).

4.     T. Zhan, J. Zou, J. Xiong, X. Liu, H. Chen, J. Yang, S. Liu, Y. Dong, and S. T. Wu, “Practical chromatic aberration correction in virtual reality displays enabled by large-size ultra-broadband liquid crystal polymer lenses Adv. Opt. Mater. 8(2), 1901360 (2019).

5.     T. Zhan, J. Zou, M. Lu, E. Chen, and S. T. Wu, “Wavelength-multiplexed multi-focal-plane see-through near-eye displays,” Opt. Express 27(20), 27507-27513 (2019).

6.     (Spotlight on Optics) T. Zhan, Y.H. Lee, G. Tan, J. Xiong, K. Yin, F. Gou, J. Zou, N. Zhang, D. Zhao, J. Yang, S. Liu, and S. T. Wu, “Pancharatnam-Berry optical elements for head-up and near-eye displays,” J. Opt. Soc. America B, 36(5), D52-D65 (2019).


Conference Proceedings:

1.      (Distinguished student paper) J. Zou, T. Zhan, J. Xiong, and S. T. Wu, “Doubling the Pixel Density for VR Displays with a Polymer Grating,” SID Symp. Digest (2020). (accepted).

2.     (Invited talkT. Zhan, J. Zou, M. Lu, E. Chen, and S.T. Wu, “Wavelength-multiplexed multifocal displays,” Proc. SPIE 11304, Advances in Display Technologies X, 1130408 (Feb 2020, San Francisco, California).

3.     (First place in SPIE AR/VR/MR optical design challengeT. Zhan, J. Zou, J. Xiong, X. Liu, H. Chen, S. Liu, Y. Dong, and S. T. Wu, “Planar optics enables chromatic aberration correction in immersive near-eye displays,” Proc. SPIE 11310, Optical Architectures for Displays and Sensing in Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR), 1131003 (Feb 2020, San Francisco, California).

4.     (Invited talkT. Zhan, J. Xiong, J. Zou, G. Tan, and S.T. Wu, “Emerging Near-eye Displays with Pancharatnam-Berry Optical Elements,” International Display Workshop, LCT2-3 (Nov. 2019, Sapporo, Japan).



1.       T. Zhan, J. Zou, S. T. Wu, S. Liu, J. Yang, “Optical display system with reduced aberrations,” US Patent Application 62/882,650 (Aug. 5, 2019).


Useful Links:

Prof. S. T. Wu’s Homepage, CREOL


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