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Optical Phased Arrays

Dr. Haiqing Xianyu

Research Scientist

(407) 823-4407 - Phone
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University of Central Florida
College of Optics & Photonics/CREOL/FPCE
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
PO Box 162700
Orlando, Florida 32816-2700




Brown University (Providence RI)
, Physics
Thesis title: "Variable Wavelength Selection Devices: Physics and Applications"


Peking University (Beijing, China)
, Physics
Thesis title: "Computation of Quantum Confinement in Low Dimensional Physical Systems"


Peking University (Beijing, China)
, Physics


Research Experience


University of Central Florida, School of Optics and Photonics/CREOL
Research scientist-Photonics and Display Laboratory


Brown University, Department of Physics
Research Assistant-Display and Photonics Laboratory (Dr. Gregory P. Crawford, Ph.D. Advisor)


Peking University, Department of Physics
Research Assistant-Bejing Institute of Modern Physics (Dr. Shang-Yuan Ren, Advisor)



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Conference Proceedings
(First Author only)

1.    H. Xianyu, Y. Zhao, S. Gauza, and S. T. Wu, “High Performance Dual Frequency Liquid Crystal Mixture,” International Display Research Conference 2008, Orlando, Florida (November 2008).

2.   H. Xianyu, Q. Song, S. Gauza, and S.-T. Wu, "Large Negative Dielectric Anisotropy and High- Birefringence Liquid Crystals," SID Symposium 2007, Long Beach (May 2007).

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5.    H. Xianyu, G. P. Crawford, and S. Faris, "In-Plane switching of cholesteric liquid crystals," 7th Asian Symposium on Information Display, Singapore (September, 2002).



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