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Zhenyue Luo    Ph. D. Student


Office: RM 283


Phone: (407)437-5687

University of Central Florida
College of Optics and Photonics
4000 Central Florida Blvd
PO Box 162700
Orlando, Florida 32816-2700


08/2010-present      Ph. D. candidate, CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics, UCF

09/2007- 06/2010    M.S. Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University (ZJU)

09/2005-06/2007   B.S. in Information Engineering, Dept. of Optoelectronics, ZJU



2013-15    Win the SID Distinguished student award for 5 times (2 as 1st author and 3 as 2nd author)

2014          SPIE Optics & Photonics Education Scholarship

2014           Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship, University of Central Florida

2014           IEEE Orlando Section Scholarship

2013-15   SID travel grant

2008-10   Excellent graduate Scholarship, Zhejiang University

2007         Graduate from Chu KeChen Honors College

2003-07   Excellent Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Zhejiang University


Leadership and services:

09/2013 ¨C present         President of IEEE Photonics Society UCF Student Chapter

09/2012 ¨C 09/2013       VP IEEE Photonics Society UCF Student Chapter

09/2010 ¨C 09/2012       Secretary: SID UCF Student Branch


Journal publications:


1.    H.Chen, Z.Luo, R.Zhu,Q.Hong, S.T.Wu, " Tuning the correlated color temperature of white LED with a guest-host liquid crystal," Opt. Express 23(10), 13060-13068 (2015).

2.    R.Zhu, Q.Hong,Y.Gao, Z.Luo, S.T.Wu, "Tailoring the light distribution of liquid crystal display with freeform engineered diffuser" Opt. Express 23(11), 14070-14084 (2015)

3.    Z. Luo, H. Chen, Y. Liu, S. Xu, and S.T. Wu, ¡°A color-tunable LED with quantum dot suspension,¡± Appl. Opt. 54(10), 2845-2850 (2015).

4.    Q. Hong, K.C. Lee, Z. Luo, and S.T. Wu, ¡°High efficiency quantum dot remote phosphor film,¡± Appl. Opt. 54(15), 4617-4622 (2015).

5.    Y.Gao, Z.Luo, R.Zhu, Q.Hong, "A High Performance LCD with OLED-like Luminance Distribution ," J. Display Technology 11(4), 315-324 (2015) (Invited)

6.    Z. Luo, F. Peng, H. Chen, M. Hu, J. Li, Z. An, and S. T. Wu, ¡°Fast-response liquid crystals for high image quality wearable displays,¡± Opt. Mater. Express 5(3), 603-610 (2015)

7.    H. Chen, Z. Luo, D. Xu, F. Peng, S.T. Wu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and W.C. Tsai, ¡°A fast-response A-film-enhanced fringe field switching liquid crystal display,¡± Liq. Cryst42(4), 537-542 (April, 2015).

8.    H. Chen, F. Peng, Z. Luo, D. Xu, S.T. Wu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and W.C. Tsai, ¡°High performance liquid crystal displays with a low dielectric constant material,¡± Opt. Mater. Express 4(11), 2262-2273 (2014).

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11. (Invited review) Z. Luo, D. Xu, S.T. Wu, "Emerging Quantum-Dots-Enhanced LCDs", J. Display Technology 10(7), 526-539 (July 2014)

12. Z. Luo and S.T. Wu, "A Spatiotemporal four-primary color LCD with quantum dots", J. Display Technology 10(5), 367-372 (May 2014)

13. Z. Luo and S.T. Wu, "Polarization-preserving light guide plate for a linearly polarized backlight", J. Display technology 10, 208-214 (March, 2014)

14. Z. Luo and S.M. Kuebler, ¡°Axial super-resolution of focused radially polarized light using diffractive optical elements¡±, Optics Communications, 315,176-182 (2014)

15. Z. Luo, Y. Chen, and S. T. Wu, ¡°Wide color gamut LCD with a quantum dot backlight,¡± Opt. Express 21(22), 26269-26284 (2013)

16. J. Yan, Z. Luo, S. T. Wu, J. W. Shiu, et al. ¡°Low voltage and high contrast blue phase liquid crystal with red-shifted Bragg reflection¡± , Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 011113 (2013).

17. Y Chen, Z. Luo, F. Peng, and S.T. Wu, ¡°Fringe-field switching with a negative dielectric anisotropy liquid crystal,¡± J. Display Technol. 9(2), 74-77 (2013).

18. H. William, Z. Luo, and S. M. Kuebler, "Effect of refractive index mismatch on multi-photon direct laser writing", Opt. Express 20(22), 25030-25040 (2012)  (co-first author)

19. Z. Luo, S. Zhang, and W. Shen, "Group delay dispersion measurement of a dispersive mirror by spectral interferometry: comparison of different signal processing algorithms", Appl. Opt. 50, 239-245 (2011).

20. Z. Luo, W. Shen, X. Liu, and P. Gu, "Design of dispersive multilayer with particle swarm optimization method", Chin. Opt. Lett. 8, 342-344 (2010).

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24. Z. Luo, X. Liu, W. Shen, H. Xue and P. Gu , "Large positive and negative lateral beam displacement in a guided-mode resonant filter", J. Opt. A: Pure Appl. Opt. 10, 115008 (2008)

Conference proceedings:

1.    (Distinguished paper) Z.Luo, F.Peng, H.Chen, M.Hu, S.T.Wu ¡°High image quality wearable displays with a fast-response liquid crystal¡±, SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2015).

2.    (Distinguished paper) H.Chen, Z.Luo, D.Xu ¡°A Fast-Response A-film-Enhanced FFS LCD¡±, SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2015).

3.    Z.Luo, S.Xu, Y.Gao, Y.Lee, Y.Liu, and S.T.Wu ¡°Quantum dots enhanced vivid color liquid displays¡±, SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2015).

4.    (Distinguished poster) Y.Gao, Z.Luo, R.Zhu, Q.Hong ¡°An LCD with OLED-like Luminance Distribution¡±, SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2015).

5.    (Invited talk) Z. Luo, S. Xu, Y.ChenY.Liu, and S. T. Wu, "Prospects of quantum-dots based liquid crystal displays", SPIE Photonics West (2014).

6.    (Invited talk) Z. Luo, Y.Chen, D.Xu, and S. T. Wu, "Is Quantum-Dot LCD ready for prime time ?", IEEE photonics conference (2014).

7.    (Distinguished paper) Z. Luo, Y.Chen, and S. T. Wu, "Quantum-Dots-Enhanced LCD Color and Optical Efficiency", SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2014).

8.    Z. Luo, and S. T. Wu, "Enhancing LCD Optical Efficiency with a Linearly Polarized Backlight and Polarization-Preserving Light-Guide Plate", SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2014).

9.    Z. Luo, S. Xu, V. Relina, J. Joo, and S. T. Wu, "Reflective Color Display Using a Photonic Crystal," SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2013).

10. (Invited talk) Y. Chen, Z. Luo, Fenglin Peng, and S. T. Wu, ¡°Next-generation mobile LCDs¡±, 2nd Symposium on Liquid Crystal Photonics, Chengdu, China (2013).

11. (Distinguished paper) Y. Chen, Z. Luo, F. Peng, and S.T. Wu ¡°High Performance Fringe©\Field Switching with a Negative Dielectric Anisotropy Liquid Crystal,¡± SID Dig. Tech. Papers (2013).

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1.    Z. Luo, Y.Chen and S. T. Wu, " Quantum Dots: A new era for LCD backlight", SPIE Newsroom, 2014.

2.  Z. Luo, and S. T. Wu, " LCD vs. OLED: who wins?¡± Optics & Photonics News, OSA ,2015