Conference Proceedings

1.  Kuan-Ming Chen, Yang, C.C, et al “Numerical analysis of two-dimensional photonic crystal directional couplers”, Page(s):327 Vol.1 2003, CLEOPR

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Journal Publications

1. Haiqing Xianyu, Kuan-Ming Chen, and Shin-Tson Wu “Flexible area-color reflective displays based on electric-field induced blueshift in a cholesteric liquid-crystal film” J. SID, 16, 125-128 (Jan. 2008),

2. Lin, Yeong-Jyh; Chen, Kuan-Ming; Wu, Shin-Tson “Broadband and polarization-independent beam steering using dielectrophoresis-tilted prism” Optics Express, 17, 8651-8656 (2009).

3. Kuan-Ming Chen, Hongwen Ren, and Shin-Tson Wu “PDLC-based VOA with a small polarization dependent loss” Optics Comm. (2009).

4. Kuan-Ming Chen, Sebastian Gauza, Haiqing Xianyu, and Shin-Tson Wu “Submillisecond gray-level response time of a polymer-stabilized blue phase liquid crystal” J. Display Technol., 6, 49-51 (2010).

5. Kuan-Ming Chen, Sebastian Gauza, Haiqing Xianyu, and Shin-Tson Wu “Hysteresis effects in blue-phase liquid crystals” J. Display Technol., 6, 318-322 (2010).

6. L. Rao, Z. Ge, S. Gauza, K. M. Chen, and S. T. Wu, “Emerging liquid crystal displays based on the Kerr effect,” Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 527, 30-42 (Aug. 2010).

7. K. M. Chen, J. Yan, S. T. Wu, Y. P. Chang, C. C. Tsai, and J. W. Shiu, “Electrode dimension effects on blue-phase liquid crystal displays,” J. Display Technol. 7, accept (2011).



1.  09/2008 -09/2009       Vice President of IEEE/LEOS Student Chapter






Photonics and Display Group
Liquid Crystal Photonic Crystal Lasers

Kuan-Ming Chen

PhD student in Optics

Email:  kuanming@creol.ucf.edu
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University of Central Florida
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Educational History


  PhD student, College of Optics/CREOL, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida


  M.S. in Graduated Institute of Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


  B.S. in Department of Electronics Engineering , National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan