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Photonics and Display Group

Liquid Crystal Display

Ziqian He

Ph. D. student  in Optics

Email: zhe@Knights.ucf.edu 

Office: Room 290, CREOL

Phone:  (407) 765-3259

Fax: 407-823-6880


University of Central Florida

College of Optics & Photonics: CREOL & FPCE

4000 Central Florida Blvd.

Orlando, Florida 32816-2700





Ph. D. in progress, CREOL, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, U.S.


B.S. in Materials Physics, Nanjing University


Honors & Awards:


CREOL ORC Scholarship, University of Central Florida


Leadership & Service:

  09/2017-                        Secretary of Society of Information Display (SID) UCF Student Branch

  09/2016-09/2017        Webmaster of Society of Information Display (SID) UCF Student Branch




1) Z. He, H. Chen, Y.-H. Lee, and S.-T. Wu, "Tuning the correlated color temperature of white light-emitting diodes resembling Planckian locus," Opt. Express 26(2), A136-A143 (2018).

2) Z. He, Y. H. Lee, F. Gou, D. Franklin, D. Chanda, and S. T. Wu, "Polarization-independent phase modulators enabled by two-photon polymerization," Opt. Express 25(26), 33688-33694 (2017).

3) Y. Huang, Z. He, and S. T. Wu, “Fast-response liquid crystal phase modulators for augmented reality displays,” Opt. Express 25(26), 32757-32766 (2017).

4) F. Gou, F. Peng, Q. Ru, Y. H. Lee, H. Chen, Z. He, T. Zhan, K. L. Vodopyanov, and S. T. Wu, “Mid-wave infrared beam steering based on high-efficiency liquid crystal diffractive waveplates,” Opt. Express 25(19), 22404-22410 (2017).


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